Each year thousands of American families volunteer as host families. Their decision to host a foreign student may be based on a variety of family interests: the urge to learn more about the world, the desire to give a student from abroad a chance to experience life in the USA, or the reward that comes from knowing they can contribute to a young person’s growth and development. All host families have concerns about hosting and it is here that we will address the most frequently asked questions:

  • We’re going on vacation. Our LEC student can travel with their host family on vacation. Just inform us of your plans.
  • I don’t have any children at home. As long as you can introduce the French teen to some American teens there isn’t a problem. (Church youth groups, neighbors, nieces/nephews are just a few of the ways to accomplish this)
  • We don’t speak French. Terrific! LEC students all speak English and they want to improve their speaking skills while they are here.
  • We don’t have an extra bedroom. The LEC student can share a bedroom with a family member of the same sex and approximate same age.
  • We seldom go anywhere. The host family does not have to act as “tour guide” while the LEC student visits. The students are here to learn about our everyday life.
  • What if our student needs medical attention? LEC provides complete medical and dental insurance for the students. You can take the LEC student to your  family doctor or area hospital for treatment.
  • If there are problems, what should we do?   LEC provides a very extensive support system for the host family. Your local LEC coordinator would be your main contact. Other contacts would be your General Coordinator, National Coordinator and the student’s adult chaperone. If there is a problem we all work together to resolve it to everyone’s satisfaction.
  • What are our responsibilities as host parents? Host families provide room and board along with friendship and understanding.

To find a LEC representative near you click on National Coordinator USA for your closest LEC representative.

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